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Escaping Eden II - The Path

Escapando del Edén II – El Camino

Eden, understood as a safe haven where you seek refuge to stay safe.Like many others, Elisa, over the past year, has secluded herself in a country house to connect with nature, create, and escape.

Aesthetically, this imaginary Eden draws inspiration from the paintings of figurative artists who, between the Renaissance and the Baroque periods, created numerous depictions of the coveted "Garden of Eden" – a place surrounded by vegetation, fruit trees, and animals.

Similar to the Ibiza countryside where Elisa Pomar has secluded herself for the past few months, surrounded by trees and her animals, but now she feels an urgent need to leave.An Eden where she has created new marvelous pieces, but they must transcend beyond it.

Elisa has crafted new talismans that empower the new woman who has emerged after this uncertain year, pieces imbued with symbolism and all the potent energy intrinsic to the island of Ibiza.

The time has come to leave that retreat, to escape... To bring those powerful pieces to the new woman... and that journey is the storyline of our new photoshoot.

This getaway is divided into three distinct phases:

-"The Departure," which includes images corresponding to the beginning of this journey.

-"The Path," a transit that in a way transforms and brings greater determination to achieve the initial purpose.

-"Landing: the city," with photographs related to the encounter with new realities.

Photography: Angie Couple
Stylist: Ángela Ibáñez
Concept: Francesca Tur y Salva Rojas
Photography Assistant: Isaac Calpe
Beauty: Gisela Castells
Models: Inna Shvets y Rihab Matloub
Graphic: Ambar Amill Bosco
May 2021


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