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La Marina

La Marina

La Marina is the symbolic neighborhood of Ibiza where Elisa was born, grew up, and where, to this day, her two stores are located, symbolizing her home. In the past, its narrow streets symbolized the perfect synergy between the sea and the land, a place that served as a point of contact between sailors arriving in their llauts after a long day at sea and the everyday and commercial life of the island.In this contemporary edition of jewelry, the author wanted to highlight the power of this neighborhood, drawing inspiration from all those interactions and synergies that occur between the sea and the land as a result of the tides, where Posidonia plays a crucial role. Synergies that, for Elisa and the island of Ibiza, have always made sense in this fishing neighborhood.In this collection, Elisa continues to delve into her personal evolution of Ibizan jewelry: XXL designs, elements of the traditional “emprendada,” and pieces inspired by nature and its colors. The use of gold, her favorite material, predominates, as well as coral and baroque pearls. The collection will be completed with benches of her emblematic articulated fish and other elements that emulate the seabed, the movements of the sea, and its undulating sway.Furthermore, the author also pays tribute to the terrestrial world that interacts with the sea and the sailors. To do this, she draws inspiration from the processions that the fishing families of the La Marina neighborhood dedicate to the Virgen del Carmen, in which they thank her for her blessing and ask for her protection in their interaction with the sea, including the said virgin among her pieces and introducing flowers in reference to the offerings made to her.



Photographer: @fedemagadanphotography
Photogrpaher's assistant: @ferrangassiot
Models: @angelsdb @blancaestarellass@guillep.b @beltriroad
Makeup and hairstyling: @anaiperez
Elisa Pomar Ibiza crew: @ambaramill @slvrojas @elisacuevas @marccuevaspomar @itsvismari @sargantina @laurent070970


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