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That summer

Aquel verano

That summer Ibiza was shiningwith a special light. I remember that on the trails to the beach we were all talkingat the same time, while bursting into a youthful laughter and drinking everymoment with the thirst of those who have already experienced the ephemeral.

That summer I filled my body withfish and flowers. Fish made me feel the magnetism of the sea close by; flowers conveyedthe soul of the island until it became a part of me.

That summer, life was slower thanusual. Our neighbor gave us fruit every time we went by her house, Ana wasinspired by the goddess Tanit and always wore a crochet bikini that she tookcare of with great fondness. Sol wore large Hollywood actress earrings that matchedwith the sleek black swimsuit she had borrowed from her mother's closet. In thosedays my grandmother offered me a signet ring that I have never since taken off;even today I think of her when I catch a glimpse of my index finger.

That summer we waved the flag of joy and intensity; life was beating sohard in our chest that we didn’t have enough time to dream at night, so we alsohad to dream during the day.

I remember that summer as atribute to Ibiza. To the traditional, slow-paced, hippie, sensitive and localIbiza, but also to the outgoing, cosmopolitan and artistic one. Today Iremember the island and those feelings from anywhere in the world. Because in thatsummer of 2020 we were filled with insecurities, nostalgia and uncertainty, butIbiza was shining under a passionate blue and I felt freedom as close as ever.


Trademarks: Elisa Pomar and Figtree Collection

Text: Elisa Cuevas and Alba Esteva
Art direction: Alba Esteva
Photography: Valentina Riccardi
Models: Carla Guetta, Marley Aurora Red and Araceli Navarro

Stage: Ibiza, May 2020


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